Ryan Boyce is stitched firmly into the fabric of Middle America. His musical roots are born of the red blooded, blue collar working class and it is loud and clear, in the climate of the sounds he is producing. Lyrically driven, emotionally charged and yet, sonically soothing, his works speak of life, love, loss and the perseverance of the human spirit. 

"It's about people, places and stories. It's about the continually arduous processes we all go through in experiencing the human condition. Most of all, it's about fighting to connect and stay connected in these seemingly lean and isolated times. Everyone is hungry, starving to truly know a friend, a lover, a companion, an existence that bears the fruit of tangibility. I'm no classically trained or even talented musician. Hell, I can't even read or understand music or theory, and I can barely muddle my way through a handful of chords. However, that said, I love so hard! I'm so attuned to the feeling and emotional climate of those around me. Everything is a story worth telling. I'd like to believe that my ability to tell those stories, with some heart, makes up for what I lack in musical skill."  -Ryan Boyce

From the earliest efforts of The Journal Box Road Sessions (The Artisan Thieves), followed by the Stone For Sand EP (The Artisan Thieves) and finally, The Crucible EP, (ALL OF WHICH ARE AVAILABLE TO STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE) Ryan Boyce maintains air of gritty, raw, truthful, intensity, consistently, throughout his musical journey. He wears his tattered heart on his sleeve and makes no bones or excuses about it. Not in life. Not in music. This is good music. This is sound with a soul.

"This music is my story. It's your story too."  -Ryan Boyce